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video content

video studio | production and postproduction

Regardless objective and budget we scale the best fitted team for every project. From simple testimonials to multi-crew shoots, from one frame localization to complex commercials or films, we can cover the whole range of services like:

  • Concept development
  • Project Management
  • Production: Project Management, Crews, Talents, Equipment
  • Postproduction: editing, composing, VFX (video special effects), Motion Graphics & 3D animation, color correction, Finishing

Audio Content & Voice Over Talents

audio studio

From a simple VO recording to 5.1 audio mixing, we are able to deliver a wide range of audio services:

  • VO recording (including +300 Talents database) with local or remote assistance
  • Audio editing
  • ADR
  • Audio mixing (stereo, 5.1 surround mixing)
  • 3D spatial audio mixing for VR or apps (eg. Spotify)
  • Dubbing( including translation & adaptation to local language, lip-sync)

VFX & 3D

  • We cover the whole chain from concept design to storyboard, previz, shoot supervision, 3D/CG effects, compositing, 3D/ 2D animation and motion graphics , combining different styles, rotoscoping to classic drawings, including body and face motion capture.
  • Our production chain, starts from concept and design, VFX, animation or shooting using —our chroma, all the way to XSens and Zero Density capabilities in order to create spectacular visual experiences

Realtime Virtual Production Services

A whole new high-end green screen facility in the middle of Bucharest, Romania is prepared for your  specific production requests. Enabling real time keying and real time tracking, our solution combines live camera feed shot on the green screen with the virtually created background.
The complete chain starts from concept and design, goes through VFX, animation or shooting using our chroma, all the way to XSens and Zero Density capabilities in order to create spectacular visual experiences. A sound-proof 270° green screen cyclorama, the largest pre-lit studio in ROMANIA, offers state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology for large-scale multi disciplinary productions.

Facility rental for postproduction

Facility rental: We are offering 10 edit stations powered by Apple Mac pro with 96 Gb of ram and optical connection. We provide the facility to load, synchronize and all kind of processes you might require.

Bring your own team or hire our own experienced editors for your projects.

With the powerful NEXIS E4 of 200 TB each, and fantastic machines provided by 6 Dell POWEREDGE R640 we generate more power than any usual project, so the workflow feels smooth.

Tech specifications:

Optical powered switch with 48 ports

Two state of the art DNXIQ

Two utility interfaces Avid Artist DNXIV

For a truly immersive experience we also have in the finishing area two award winning monitors 4K EIZO ColorEDGE CG319x.

Create your projects with the world’s first 27″ 4K monitor with built-in colorimeter and Thunderbolt™ 3 – Dell UltraSharp 27 4K PremierColor Monitor. And yes, we have two of those also.

AND for the final preview we offer two 4K OLED TV displays powered by LG OLED77C9PLA along with a grand projector from Sony VPL-VW295ES HDR DCI 4K SXRD

Dolby ATMOS:

Experience the most intuitive, immersive mixing workflows for modern sound engineers. The revolutionary Avid S6 modular control surface leverages the best of the industry-leading ICON and System 5 product families, providing superior ergonomics, intelligent studio control, and fully integrated Dolby Atmos workflows. Get the deep level of Pro Tools control only Avid can provide, the flexibility to control other popular DAWs using EUCON, and the performance you need to create and deliver the best sounding mixes possible—faster.

Marketing managed services

  • Integrated marketing & communication strategy
  • Strategic planning
  • Content creation & development
  • in house Audio – Video content production: Explanatory videos, Corporate or Brand videos, TV or Web commercials, Social Media Videos,
  • Programmatic advertising (video, display)
  • Event production
  • Project management

After many years of providing high quality services to our loyal customers in the audio – video production and post-production area, relying on their demands and trust over what we can build together, it became natural to expand our business by building a different model of advertising agency.

Consequently, we extended our offer in the marketing services area. In this respect, we added to our team professionals with over 15 years of experience gained in the marketing department of local and multinational companies active in the Romanian market.

The added value that we bring consist in the different business model  strengthen by marketing competences in several market verticals  (FMCG, technology, health services, automotive, real estate or banking). All these are backed up by our in house capabilities for audio-video content production.

Currently, The Candy Shop offer includes integrated corporate & strategic marketing services as well as brand or communication strategy development & implementation.

Whether we play on marketing, brand or communication area, during our strategy development process, we are focused on our client’s objective while extracting the relevant consumer insights to achieve it.

We base our proposals on real data & available technology keeping the balance between creativity and strategy as a differentiator in the process.

The derived services, from the competencies that we own, go through the full path from integrated strategy & strategic planning to relevant creative execution.

Beyond creation & implementation of the strategy, we take responsibility for designing & production of the creative content, implementation in all channels including the digital like websites & social media and message distribution through effective digital tools (through our partner Ve Global).

We stand apart from the traditional advertising agency model!

We care about your resources and your objective!

We embrace the change of thrive in this continuously evolving market!

We are agile and focus on innovative ideas that in delivering the service that makes a real difference for your business!

Our main objective is to become a trustworthy partner for our clients and to create together a transparent collaborative working environment.


localization services

localization studio

Localizing a video or any other type of other media requires a lot of expertise, not only in terms of team’s translation skills but also in adaptation of that content to the local market. Our capabilities and skills enable us to support our clients through the whole process of adapting your content to the specific needs and values of the country in which the product will be launch.

The localization services included in our offer are:

  • Subtitling services (including translation & adaptation of the text
  • Dubbing services: translation, adaptation, VO talents (including +200 talent database), lip-sync, QC, etc)
  • Graphics & text adaptation (including 2D & 3D and copyrighting in local language)

studio services

  • Facility rental: fully equipped studios for Video / Audio stage for postproduction purposes.
    • STUDIO A: We own a 40 sqm audio studio with a generous recording room, equipped with various types of microphones (Brauner, Neumann, Shure) and Manley voxbox compressor which are connected to the audio mixing console Yamaha DM 2000 using DAW Protools Ultimate. The control room is equipped with Dynaudio Acoustics BM6 and JBL speakers which delivers a distinctive & pristine sound for our demanding engineers.
    • STUDIO B/ MIXING STAGE: the medium compact audio studio is designed for 5.1 mixing & binaural / 3D audio mixing. Our sound engineers work with AVID Protools Ultimate on Mac station using HDI/O audio interface and AVID C24 audio controller. The mixing stage is equipped with A7X Adam speakers which enable high quality surround mixing.
  • Postproduction studio rental: our efficient solution & productive workflow model is designed for remote postproduction teams who produce audio-video content like TV series, film, shorts, documentaries for the entertainment industry. We offer full Avid & Adobe editing software that run on Mac stations connected with performant AVID ISIS server that enable fast & collaborative work.



The Candy Shop studios have a history that started 15 years ago after the current owner inherited the entrepreneurial company from his father.

The first facility was designed strictly for VO recording and evolved, step by step, to today’s facility of more than 500 sqm, which comprises audio & video suites ( including VO recording booths and 5.1 mixing room).

Moreover, we are currently developing a state-of-the-art post-production facility in Romania with more than 20 suites equipped with high-end editing stations for video and audio post-production activities. The new facility will serve our clients from all over the world at the highest standards expected.

Moreover, our team of skilled Audio engineers and Video editors, are very fond of technology so we tried to provide the best equipment for their requested standard.

Our post-production services are addressed to several types of clients, mainly VOD platforms, localization agencies as well as advertising agencies which are looking for a reliable partner in the Eastern Europe area.

We strive to be innovative at every level. The company’s culture is to nest the people who have the drive to dare for more, both in their professional life and in the personal life. This is why people, from team or from our clients side, friends or acquaintances, tend to feel confortable and happy among us and this is the very main reason for calling our place: The Candy Shop.

Therefore come to have a coffee and chat with us in order to experience the Candy Shop feeling . You might even start wanting to enjoy our work as well.

“Solutie Inovativa & Colaborativa pentru post productia audio-video

utilizand mecanisme de Inteligenta Artificiala”, cod SMIS 129405