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About Video Content

About Video Content

About Video Content

It is well known that video content exploded in the last couple of years. Technology development enabled the abundance model in this business sector (because creating video becomes less and less expensive) and online platforms encouraged this particular form of expression.

Social media platforms are adapting quickly to new trends. Instagram launched the vertical format on IGTV, Google included the video previews in the search result list, etc.

But this question arises: Why is better to use video content than other forms?

There is a lot of research results available on the web which are talking about the trends:

  • video can increase the conversion rate up to 65%
  • more than 50% of the consumers prefer video content over any other type of content
  • out of all types of expression, the branded video content is the most memorable one
  • By 2020, 88% of consumer web traffic will be video (Cisco source)
  • video is more and more used as an instrument of expression in social media platforms, on companies landing pages, for a product demo, for testimonials or as a tool in the employer branding campaigns.
  • 54% of the brands use video content to build awareness
  • 5G connectivity boosted video consumption

Therefore, video content is a very important tool to be considered in the development of the overall marketing plan, by any marketeer.

Just take a look at this short video which is talking about the 6 important marketing trends of 2019 and let us know your conclusions. You might meet us and discuss your video strategy for 2019.