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The role of video content in brand’s online strategy

The role of video content in brand’s online strategy

The role of video content in brand’s online strategy

Is there anyone in 2019 who may say that never watched online video at least once this year?

I might be wrong but I honestly don’t think there is. Even my 94 years old grandma’ is watching some political news or at least a Youtube short video related to the recent elections in Romania.

Of course, every 2019 marketer is aware of that and this is why, there is no brand without a clear communication strategy in online and there is no online communication strategy that doesn’t involve video content distributed on several platforms.

There are hundreds of hours of video that are uploaded on Youtube every minute so how can a brand be discovered and kept in mind in this noise?

There are several strategies depending on the platform used.

For example on Youtube, there are 3 strategies to address: Help content, Hub content & Hero content. All these have video expression and the best mixture of them leads to an efficient way of creating great content that converts.

Any brand willing to be popular and to engage with their audience has to create successful video content and immerse itself in the nowadays media culture.

From Youtube to Facebook or Snapchat, there are several platforms that developed their own online video offer. Here you can find the influencers in the form of vloggers or so called ” Youtubers” that talk to their subscribers through video content and benefit from an increase % of trust among audience. Brands can partner with them in order to reach the proper audience, even to build one or just go on and choose to create a distinctive channel but then they will not take advantage of these digital ecosystems already created by vloggers network.

Whatever the choice, the created video content has to be useful & relevant for the brand’s target. Add the entertainment value to it and the conversion is guaranteed.

For interested marketers, here are some tips & tricks for brand development using online video

And for an expert advise on how to execute the online videos, don’t hesitate to contact us.